Live your life!

Moan about the weather, it will never be quite right. Sometimes it's too sunny, or freezing cold at night. Complain about your work mate who doesn't pull her weight, especially when you see her when she is running late.

Whinge about the neighbours, carp about their kids. Whine about the dustmen banging shut the lids. Worry that your friends are earning more than you, grouse about the time spent queuing for the loo.

Mutter to your colleagues that life is seldom fair, gripe about the colour when you've dyed your hair. Complain that you had ordered your steak to be well done. Harass the poor young waitress who isn't having fun.

Groan about the government, the ones you voted in. Criticise the vicar for not saving you from sin. Bewail the price of sausages, worry about the fracking. Growl about the workmen who seem they're always slacking.

Mumble that your life so far is very hard indeed, fuss that you are paying for other peoples greed. The world has more to offer if you are a bit forgiving, so set out to enjoy it and love the life you're living! © Jan Millward