Sherborne is a lovely town, start at the top and work on down. The Abbey stands right at the heart, it has been there from near the start.

And many come from far and wide to see it's treasures from inside. The cobbled paths, the narrow lanes, the one way streets, sometimes a pain.

The little buildings crowded in, the churches there to save our sin. The quirky buildings centuries old, the stories that sometimes unfold.

The public schools attract the best, a fact the Gryphon might contest. The unique shops still hanging on, some say they may soon be all gone.

The Castle built for Walter Raleigh, the pubs each with a skittle alley. Pageant gardens neat and tidy, chip shops full to burst on Friday.

Trains that run near every hour, Castle gardens for every flower. Sports halls, centres, pools and pitches, some say it's all for the richest.

Digby estates,Lords of the manor proudly flying their own banner. The Terraces just up the hill, The Yeatman if you're feeling ill.

Pack Monday Fair to buy your tat, a furry bear, a knitted hat. So many they do like to moan about the town that they call home.

They say it's full of older folk, and charity shops are just a joke. They laugh at those who say Sherbun I know it's just a bit of fun.

But we should really stand up tall, we're better than some shopping mall. Be proud to say it's your home town and don't just always run it down!

©Jan Millward.