The chat.

We need to have a chat Mum, we're worried about Dad. He's getting so forgetful, he always looks so sad.

We know you think it's normal, as he's getting on a bit, but we are really worried so please don't have a fit.

Last night he had forgotten where he'd left the car. He went out for his paper and left the door ajar.

It's becoming quite a problem you must have seen the signs, it's been going on for ages if you read between the lines.

He needs to see a doctor we need to find out more, we can't afford to lose him If he walks straight out the door.

Please don't be embarrassed it is no fault of yours, no one makes it happen, we don't know what's the cause.

We need to have a word Mum, we'll do our best to find someone who can help him, to ease his fractured mind.

We don't want you to worry it isn't a great sin to say that you can't manage, we want the best for him.

We'll travel his rough pathway we'll find the best of care, we'll provide the courage when you feel in despair.

We're all in this together do not feel on your own, we're here if you should need us, just please pick up the phone.

Our Dad has got dementia so we will do our best, to love and understand him until he finds eternal rest.

©Jan Millward.