A and E.

There's nothing that is worse for me than a little trip to A and E. I've been there for too many trips, with my old Dad and his dodgy hips.

I went there when my Mum fell over and when my son got bitten by Rover. We've had our share of odd mishaps, we've tripped on steps and fell through gaps.

I had to go when I banged my head, I would have rather stayed in bed. But sometimes life can be unkind, and you just have to be resigned.

The badly hurt are treated first, the rest of us just feel we're cursed. A sign goes round the waiting room; a four hour wait fill us with gloom.

They check us in then we must wait for them to tell us what's our fate. The room fills up with fractured bones, and teenage kids using their phones.

We sit and hope that we'll be next, and send our friends a gory text. A worried mother and her child gets rushed on through, we sit beguiled.

A man demands he must be seen, they take him through behind a screen. A vending machine is full of drinks, it doesn't work, it's on the blink.

A cleaner looking rather grim, shuffles through and checks the bin. And finally we see a nurse she says we're lucky, it could be worse.

Last night they queued outside the door and some were sitting on the floor. She asks our name and why we're here, then spots the bandage round the ear.

And back we go to wait our turn, we've past the point of no return. Then just when we dash for the loo, They call our name and walk us through.

A doctor with a stethoscope washes his hands with liquid soap. He checks to see what he can do and wants to get a better view.

So next a wait for X rays follow it won't be long 'till it's tomorrow. And back we go and wait some more, staring at the same old floor.

And then the news we came to hear, the x rays say that all is clear. We can go home we will survive, it sure feels good to be alive.

Next time you go to A and E with a bad throat or dodgy knee, remember patience is required and you might go home very tired.

But they are there to help us out, so please don't scream at them or shout. Thanks to the doctors and the nurses who put up with the daily curses.

We're grateful for our NHS, they sort us out when we're a mess. We'll try to stay away next time, but thanks to them we now feel fine!

©Jan Millward.