The plea.

September 20, 2016

There are care homes on the tele'
that fill us all with gloom.
With staff that are uncaring,
who lock folk in their rooms.


We look at them in horror,
it's dreadful I agree.
Abuse and filthy clothing
we need to hear their plea.


And all my friends have seen this,
and ask me why I care.
Why work in such conditions?
I answered with a dare.


Come follow me to work one day,
and see what we all do.
It's not what you imagine,
let me change your point of view.


Don't judge us by the poor ones,
don't tar us all the same.
Don't think we all are bad guys,
that is the biggest shame.


Come see what we're achieving,
we go the extra mile.
Our job is more than cleaning,
we want to see them smile.


Our home is full of lightness,
great empathy and joy.
With carers who are vetted,
we know who to employ.


We fill their lives with purpose,
we let them make the choice.
We give them all a reason,
we let them have a voice.


We lift them up with music,
we sing their favourite songs.
It isn't always perfect
but we know what's right or wrong.


We treat them like our parents,
always with respect.
We fill out all our care plans,
to ensure all things are checked.


And it isn't always easy
when we know they're at the end.
But we try and understand that,
they know they have a friend.


It's the little things that matter,
the bubbles in the bath,
the cup of tea and natter,
the chance to have a laugh.


Patience and understanding
when memories are gone,
a light that keeps them burning
and helps them carry on.


It's great to be the carer
who can change a life around.
Bring love and understanding
to one who always frowns.


So listen to the stories,
but so many homes aren't bad.
If that is your opinion,
I just feel rather sad.


But we will keep on trying
and bring bright rays of hope,
to people who are elderly
and can no longer cope.
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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