Food for free!

September 18, 2016


Food for free.


I've raspberries in the garden
damsons on a tree,
blackberries in the hedgerow
I love the food that's free.


There are mushrooms in the meadow
sweet chestnuts in the wood,
if you roast them in hot cinders
they taste so blooming good.


A neighbour leaves tomatoes
in a bag outside the door,
with a note just to remind me
to ask if I want more.


I give eggs laid by my chickens
in return I get green beans,
courgettes and bright red peppers,
a feast fit for a Queen.


I have jam in shining jam jars
all rowed up on a ledge,
made from fruit all growing
wild along a hedge.


I have chutney made from apples
from the orchard out the back,
I went to pick a couple
and came back with a full sack.


And then there are the marrows
we get them by the ton,
If you tell someone you like them
you'll never get just one!


I love the herbs just waiting 
to be made into a sauce,
rosemary and mint to
go with lamb of course!


Parsley by the handful
sage and bay leaves too,
thyme will wait for no man
so go and pick a few.


And there is something special
about picking food yourself,
so much better for you
than from a supermarket shelf.


A bit of local barter
and you can fill your store,
with local fresh grown produce
who could want for more!

©Jan Millward.

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