Jan Millward childhood photograph


Thanks to all the people

I've met along life's track,

the one's who helped me growing,

the one's who watched my back.

The teacher's who endured me

as I struggled on through school,

the one who tried to help me

though I'd broken every rule.

The boys and girls who teased me

for not being quite the same

and never ever picked me

to play in any game.

The bullies when they tripped me

and laughed and called me names

they all have made me stronger

I don't hold them to blame.

The one who said he loved me

who gave me my first kiss,

he broke my heart in pieces

but I had to go through this.

My Mum, my Dad and sister,

the constants in my life,

the man I gave my heart to

when I became his wife.

The boss who saw potential

and gave me a precious chance

the loyal friends and lovers

who taught me how to dance.

The people I have worked with,

the laughs, the threats, the tears,

the ones who showed me how to

face up to all my fears.

Each one has had an impact

and some have left deep scars,

but thanks to all the good guys

who have pointed out the stars.

©Jan Millward