The Show Champion.

The Show Champion.

A heifer has gone AWOL

from the grand arena.

they called out on the tannoy;

“Has anybody seen her”?

She started out sedately,

with polished hooves and collar.

No one had even noticed,

until they heard a holler.

She bolted from the show ring

with her handler dragged behind.

Everyone was laughing,

although it wasn't very kind.

She tipped a rustic table

where a man was selling wraps,

she was picking up momentum

and did two or three more laps.

She then got quite distracted

by a handsome Friesian bull.

He snorted from his marquee,

she was fresh and beautiful.

His top lip started curling

and he sniffed the air with lust.

She trotted up beside him

and he gave a mighty thrust.

But he was tethered firmly

to the railing in his stall,

and he missed and slipping sideways

he could only hit the wall.

She stopped to eat a hay bale

right by an ice cream stand,

where a stranger saw her munching

and he extended out his hand.

He bravely seized the moment

to grab hold of her halter,

but when he saw the size of her

he stopped and had a falter.

So she took off without him

with her tail up in the air.

Everyone was watching

but she didn't have a care.

Her owner cursing wildly

with muddied knees and coat,

crept up right behind her

and threw a rope around throat.

She didn't win the battle

but next show she won a prize;

champion beefsteak burgers

served with onions and fries!

Jan Millward©