Love is...

Sunflowers for Jan Millward

Love is...

Love is in the things unsaid,

the early morning tea in bed.

A gentle touch when you are stressed,

the healing hugs that are the best

The meal prepared when you get home,

the knowing that you're not alone.

The sifting of words said in haste,

the challenges together faced.

The umbrella in the rain,

the love heart hanging on a chain.

The worried look when you feel ill,

the jacket to ward off the chill.

Love shows itself in many ways,

the tiny spark becomes a blaze.

The little gestures go unspoken,

It can heal hearts that once were broken.

And if you find love hold on tight,

cherish it with all your might.

Respect each other's point of view,

and always be forever true.

Love is a treasure rare and pure,

it can't be bought, it has no cure.

It is the greatest gift on earth,

If you can recognise it's worth.

©Jan Millward