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Ssh... It Happens! Rural Rhymes from Ryme Intrinseca by Jan Millward

Ssh... It Happens!

Rural Rhymes from Ryme Intrinseca

by Jan Millward

There are folk who live in the country and there are folk who farm. Those involved in farming are a rare breed indeed. The need for humour and a sense of the ridiculous in sometimes very difficult situations is part and parcel of the job. The equipment may have changed and the landscape from the idyllic farmyard scenes of yesteryear, but farmers are still the beating heart of the countryside.

I live in a small tied cottage with my tractor driver husband on a beef and arable farm in Dorset.

Nowadays my role involves standing in gaps, feeding the chickens and taking sandwiches to far flung fields, but the many years of agricultural college and working on farms all over the country and abroad have left me with wonderful experiences and a special understanding and appreciation of our Great British farmers.

I hope you enjoy this little book of verse. I have had great fun putting it together!

Ssh... It Happened Again! More Rural Rhymes by Jan Millward

Ssh... It Happened again!

More Rural Rhymes.

by Jan Millward

This is my second book of rural rhymes, and it reflects some of the experiences and scrapes I have found myself in over the years. I have attempted to capture in verse a little of the unique spirit and humour of the British farming community. If I have made you smile my job here is done!

Tiny Caring Gestures by Jan Millward

Quad Bike Style

by Jan Millward

I just can't stop myself!

This is my sixth book of poetry and I have gone back to my farming roots with another look at life down on the farm.

This book is for all those who appreciate the humour required to work in the great outdoors, especially when animals are involved!

Anyone who has a knowledge of farming and the characters that help shape our landscape will understand!


Dementia - Walking the Lonely Pathway

by Jan Millward

This collection of poetry and short stories will take you the journey that so many are forced to take.

I hope it will give a little insight into living with dementia from the personal recollections of a care worker.

Hold on tight it's a bumpy track.

Tiny Caring Gestures by Jan Millward

Recent Rhyming Rambles

by Jan Millward

This is my fifth book of poetry and it's a real mix of my life experiences. There are a sprinkling of rural poems and a smattering about care.

I have blended in some of life's petty irritations and balanced it with some of the events that have moulded and shaped my life.

It is sometimes more bramble than ramble, but I will have made you laugh and reflect on this peculiar shared journey that we call life!

Gentle Sweet Reminders by Jan Millward

Gentle Sweet Reminders

by Jan Millward

My first book of poetry "Tiny Caring Gestures" was based on my experiences of working in the care industry. I wanted to highlight the positive side of care to counteract the stigma that the industry is tarred with following so many negative stories in the press and on TV.

I had so many lovely comments that I have put together this second book. This is a collection of poetry based on some of my life experiences. It is a mixture of both funny and poignant, many of which I use in reminiscing sessions as part of my job as an activities coordinator. I have also touched on the very emotive subject of grief and how it can come back and hit you with force when you least expect it.

Tiny Caring Gestures by Jan Millward

Tiny Caring Gestures

by Jan Millward

Up and down the country there are very special people totally dedicated to providing excellent care for their elderly residents.

Gone are the days when being a carer was a job you did if you couldn't find anything else. I was "just" a carer for many years and am now an Activity Coordinator in a beautiful care home in Dorset.


All of these poems are based on my experiences of working in care and the people I have met on the way.