©Jan Millward, 2018

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Little bursts of poetry

lively bits of rhyme,

forget the boring housework

I need to write a line!


I grew up in the country

with horses, sheep and hens,

and now I write about them

with my old trusty pen.


I live in a tied cottage

with roses at the door.

A little piece of paradise,

who could want for more?


I now work in a care home

where I organise events.

Singing for the ladies

and whist drives for the gents.

I love to keep a balance,

I am passionate about care.

I help those with dementia,

I support those in despair.


But all those years of farming

will never leave my soul,

and writing rhymes and reasons

gives me a brand new role.


I hope you will enjoy them,

I write them from the heart.

A mix of sad and funny

my modest works of art.

 Jan Millward

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